Free Downloads for The Sims 3

Created using "vanilla" game bases (no expansion packs required)

Original artwork used in these objects are © Bonnie Rose Bryan
These downloads are for personal (non-commercial) use.
Please do not re-upload these files on forums, websites, etc. Feel free to share a link to this page.

Happy Simming!

 The Ace of Spades

Three versions of The Ace of Spades, a steampunk fantasy portrait
"in game" screenshots
Download 1 (sepia sketch)
theaceofspadessepia.sims3pack theaceofspadessepia.sims3pack
Size : 127.968 Kb
Type : sims3pack
Download 2 (full colour painting)
AceOfSpades-Painting.sims3pack AceOfSpades-Painting.sims3pack
Size : 127.134 Kb
Type : sims3pack
Download 3 (detail)
The Ace of Spades (detail).sims3pack The Ace of Spades (detail).sims3pack
Size : 143.934 Kb
Type : sims3pack
Revving (portrait of Tori Amos)
"in game" screenshots
Tori Amos Revving (painting).sims3pack Tori Amos Revving (painting).sims3pack
Size : 125.595 Kb
Type : sims3pack
Weatherman (portrait of Tori Amos)
"in game" screenshots
Tori Amos Weatherman (painting).sims3pack Tori Amos Weatherman (painting).sims3pack
Size : 109.576 Kb
Type : sims3pack
Unrepentant Geraldines (portrait of Tori Amos)
"in game" screenshots
Tori Amos UG (painting).sims3pack Tori Amos UG (painting).sims3pack
Size : 127.112 Kb
Type : sims3pack

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