Star Trek Deep Space Nine fan art, represented through the symbology of the Tarot

0 THE FOOL :   Nog and Jake Sisko

The card represents

Infinite possibilities, new beginnings, adventurousness, improvisation, whimsy, playfulness, light-heartedness, childishness, romanticism, naïveté, unawareness of danger, folly.

Nog and Jake, two boys, at the beginning of their friendship, love to loiter on the promenade, play games, and get into trouble. They're both foolish and naïve, and mostly unaware of the dangers, and hardships that lay ahead in their young lives.

Tradtionally, The Fool is shown as a well dressed lad with a traveling pack, whimsically skipping near the edge of a precipiece. In this case, Nog, as The Fool, is dangling his bag of latinum over the edge of the promenade, while laughing, unconcerned of the risk. Unforseen dangers are within the stars, where enemies are abundant. Jake is holding a baseball, representing a game with an uncertain outcome.In the card of his father, (Capain Benjamin Sisko)The Hierophant, the baseball represents wisdom and authority, so Jake, as The Fool, is unaware of this potential. To him, it's all just a game.

2017 . ink, watercolour, and coloured pencil on paper .  size: A4

V THE HIEROPHANT :   Captain Benjamin Sisko / The Emissary

The card represents

The High Priest, The Wise Man, a patriarchal figure, the bridge between the mortal and the divine, spiritual wisdom,spiritual guidance, cultural heritage, philosophy, belief systems, knowledge of the occult / the hidden, intuitive understanding, and revelation

Captain Sisko is a bridge. He is human, but he is of Bajor. He is a man, but he is of The Prophets. He is Star Fleet, but he serves as a mediator for the Bajorans, on a formerly Cardassian station. As The Emissary to The Prophets (or Wormhole Aliens, depending on whom you ask...) Sisko is a bridge between the Bajorans and their gods, and he periodically receives revelations, often cryptic in their meaning, for the guidance and benefit of the Bajoran people. He's often guided by his own intuition, not only in spiritual matters, but also as a father and a Star Fleet captain. Sisko immerses himself in the study of ancient Bajoran culture and spirituality, to better understand the Bajoran people, and The Prophets, who often speak to him in riddles. He is a wise counselor, role model, learned man, and fated bridge to the divine.

Sisko holds his baseball, a personal talisman, which in this case, also represents the wisdom and revelation that he holds. The Orb of the Emissary and the pillar of B'hala are behind him, representing his connection to Bajor and The Prophets, his appointment as The Emissary, and his gifts of spiritual intuition and revelation, which lead him to discover the secrets of both of these sacred objects. 

2017 . ink, watercolour, coloured pencil and acrylic paint on paper .  size: A4

XIII DEATH : Tora Ziyal

The card represents

Great change, renewal, transformation, the parting of ways, completing a chapter, minimalism, being caught in the path of sweeping change, being caught in the inescapable, accepting the inevitable, and endings.

During her entire life, Ziyal was swept from one inevitable and uncontrollable situation to the next, enduring great changes, and transforming from a war refugee, to an orphan slave, to the daughter of a planetary ruler, to a subject of yet another occupying army, to an artist, to a rebel… and ultimately, meets the end.

The palette rather colourless, and pale, and the feel of the piece is quiet, and still. There is no spark of light in her somber, downcast eyes. Instead of the traditional flag with a rose, here there is a broken, black flower, similar to the style of Ziyal's paintings. 

2017 . ink, watercolour, coloured pencil and graphite  on paper .  size: A4

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