Never Sleep Again

Heather Langenkamp as Nancy Thompson, from the film A Nightmare on Elm Street

2017 . ink and watercolour on paper . 


David Bowie, as his alter ego, ZIggy Stardust 

2017 . ink, watercolour, and eyeshadow on paper 


David Bowie

2017 . ink on paper 

Saruman The White

Christopher Lee as the wizard Saruman, from the The Lord of the Rings

2016 . ink and watercolour on paper 


Mia Sara as Princess Lily, from the film Legend

2016 . ink and  watercolour on paper 

Grey Goes Black (Mark Lanegan)

2015 . watercolour on paper

Benedict Cumberbatch

2015 . watercolour and graphite on paper

Marilyn Monroe

2012 . watercolour on paper

Florence Welch

2012 . watercolour on paper

Jareth (I move the stars for no one)

Daivd Bowie, as Jareth, the Goblin King, frm the film Labyrinth

2012 . watercolour and ink on paper

David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly

as Jereth the Goblin King and Sarah, from the film Labyrinth

2012 . watercolour and ink on paper 

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