“We are star stuff which has taken its destiny into its own hands.”  - Carl Sagan

Made of star dust . . .

Bonnie Rose Bryan lives, dreams, and draws in Auvergne, France. However, she's often seen in the faerie realm, with a paint brush in one hand and a bag of glitter in the other.

A colourful mess-maker since the day she could hold a crayon, Bonnie Rose Bryan was raised in a family of artists, poets, and musicians in northeastern Ohio.

In her childhood, she was taught by her grandfather, a professional artist and university art instructor, and then went on to complete her Studio Arts foundation studies at Youngstown State University.


B.R.Bryan is self-taught in watercolours, oils, coloured pencils, and illustration. She enjoys experimenting with mixed media, styles, and techniques.  

Primarily a figurative artist, she specializes in portraiture and illustration, and places a great importance on the use of symbolism and archetypes in her work. 

B.R.Bryan relocated to central France in 2005, where she currentlylives with her husband.

(photo by Lucien David)      

Bonnie Rose Bryan's artwork currently resides in 14 countries, worldwide. 

She was the creator and instructor of The Whimsical Watercolours Workshop online art course and was a featured guest teacher on the Life Book 2012 art course with Tamara Laport (at

                                                                   ( photo by Claudia Moroni )                 

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